Although the NGR-SFM project area has been logged in the past, it remains an important of key habitat for endangered Orangutans, Bornean clouded leopards, Sumatran rhinos, and pygmy elephants. It is also found to be a crucial wildlife corridor of global significance linking the world-renowned Danum Valley FR, Imbak Canyon FR and the Maliau Basin FR, which are both Protection Forest Reserves – Class I.

The wildlife management/monitoring activities are continued conducted, and there are four (4) methodologies are used for monitoring, that is:

1. Camera Trapping (Camera-Traps Placed In Strategic Locations)

2. Survey Night By Car

3. Survey By Recce Walk/ Transect Line

4. Gibbon calls

4. Gibbon calls.

Map of Wildlife Management in NGR-SFM project area