E-Inquiries Manual

magic wandElectronic Inquiries (E-Inquiries) Online System
Below is the system manual for E-Inquiries application. This application enable you to send inquiries, comment, and feedback to us.

System Manual
In order to use e-Inquiries, listed below is step by step method provided to help you to use this system:

Click on the e-Inquiries link

02  Fill in your personal details and contact information. Please ensure that the e-mail address provided is valid to enable us to contact you later on. Fill in your inquiry / feedback / comment.
03  After you have completed filling all the required information, read on the 'Sender Declaration' and fill in the numbers / letters of spam security system and click on 'Submit'.
04 If you wish to attach an attachment, click on the 'yes' button and upload the file. Only one (1) file restricted to each submission. Use it wisely. If you wish to re-fill everything up again, click on the 'reset' button
05  Upon completed, you will be provided with reference number and an email will be sent to your provided e-mail address. Keep the Reference Number safely as it will be used as a reference. 

Frequently Asked Question

Question: I did not receive any reply or e-mail after I submit my inquiry.
If you haven't receive replies or submission e-mail, this might happen due to a few reason; (1) Wrong/Typo error in e-mail address provided (2) Your mail provider flagged the mail sent by us as 'spam' or (3) Your e-mail have reached its maximum size quota. To resolve this problem, here are the solution for each of the problem: 

(1) Wrong/Typo error in e-mail address provided
Contact us again via the E-Inquries and fill up the information needed correctly (especially your e-mail address) and further provide us with the reference number and/or inquiry you have sent earlier.

(2) Your mail provider flagged the mail sent by us as 'spam'
Check your spam folder and exclude the mail from spam. This will enable us to get to your inbox again next time.

(3) Your e-mail have reached its maximum size quota
Delete all unnecessary, spam or outdated mails from your e-mail storage. Try to fill up the E-Inquiries system again. This will enable the system to send you an email upon available space is ready in your inbox.

Question: I have received my reference number and notification e-mail. I haven't receive any reply from SFD.
Every successful inquiry sent to us will be processed with strict and fullest attention. This will be processed by a set of procedure and duration of response time (Please refer to the Inquries System Handling Flow Chart). It will take maximum 14 days of working time for an inquiry to be processed especially those with statistical data or information requests, policy explaination and various cases. Please wait for 14 days of working days starting from your succesful submission to receive the reply. 

Question: I have waited 14 days of working time and yet not reply provided. What should I do?
Contact us again with the reference number and date of submission. It is best for you to provide valid phone number so that we can contact you directly to follow up on this matter.

Question: My inquiry have been answered but I have another inquiry.
You can directly reply to our previous reply or simply start a new inquiry using the system so that we can track the question efficiently. Replying directly to our previous reply are not encouraged since your e-mail might flagged as spam especially if you are using different e-mail for this purpose.