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Forestry research in Sabah dates back to 1842 when botanical collection was undertaken in Banggi Island near Kudat. Systematic research on the forests of Sabah, however consolidated much later in 1915 with the establishment of the Forestry Herbarium in Sandakan. Inital research was undertaken on the tree flora and plant identification, timber testing and silviculture.

The Centre is located at Sepilok, about 23km from Sandakan town and about 1.9km off the main Labuk Road, next to the Sepilok-Kabili Forest Reserve. Research work on this forest dated back more than 50 years ago making it one of the most studied virgin jungle forests in the region of South East Asia. The Forest Research Centre (FRC) was opened in 1974 and the research complex was completed during the Second Malaysia Plan and consists of 2 research buildings, an arboretum, a research sawmill and preservation plant, a carpentry workshop, research nurseries, staff and labourer quarters.

At present, there are 11 different research programmes which support Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) in Sabah.
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