Environmental Conservation Programme At Garinono Forest Reserve–Jointly Organized By The Sabah Forestry Department And Sandakan Polytechnic

An Environmental Conservation Programme had been held at Garinono Forest Reserve on the 24th February 2018. The programmme was jointly organized by the Sabah Forestry Department and the Sandakan Polytechnic, aiming to restore the composition of forest stand within the Garinono Forest Reserve, while raising the public awareness on the importance of creating a greener, cleaner and fresher environment.

The Programme involved the planting of about 400 tree seedlings within an area of about 1.5 hectares, in which most of the tree species planted were the Drybalanops beccarii (pokok kapur merah). The planting activity was officiated by Datuk Sam Mannan, the Chief Consevator of Forests, Sabah Forestry Department. The final year students under the Diploma of Agriculture Programme from the Polytechnic Sandakan conducted the tree planting activity, witnessed by Lt. Kol. Bersekutu (PA) Tajul Ariffin Bin Mohamed Arif, the Director of Polytechnic Sandakan and Mr. Rusli Bin Rahman, the Deputy Director.

Through this Programme, a total of forty–two (42) students were trained theoretically and practically on the most suitable tree planting techniques to be implemented in the field. The Department is of the opinion that implementing such environmental conservation programmes should be expanded to areas outside of forest reserves.

The Programme is part of the Collaborative Agreement with Polytechnic Sandakan entered by the Department on October 2017, aiming to allow the sharing of expertise and the conduct of training between both parties.

Mr. Hj Fadzil Bin Hj. Yahya, the Sandakan District  Forestry  Officer, who is in charge of managing and administrating Garinono Forest Reserve and Mr. Bernard Valentine, the Principal of the Sabah Forestry Institute as the officer in charge in coordinating and facilitating the implementation of this whole Programme were also present during the event.

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