License Fees and Other Miscellaneous / Administrative Forest Charges

Arahan Pengarah Bil: 10/2000
Reference: JPHTN/PP:100-4/1/13

No. Item Rate
1 Forest Occupation Permit

(i) Logging Camp/Logging road & dumping point


(ii) Prospecting purpose

RM1,260/hectare/annum and RM120/hectare/annum for road


Landings (F. Reserves Only)


(i) Class I (less than or equal to 0.50 ha)

RM1,000.00/landing/annum * 

(ii) Class II (0.51-1.00 ha)


(iii) Class III (Greater than 1.00 ha) 


Note: A landing is defined as temporary storage area for logs prior to their transportation by land or water within any Forest Reserve land.

Updated 24/04/2001 


Royalty for Poles of Trees 


(Mangrove trees only) irrespective of size

RM0.50 per running meter
(Charges accoding to diameter class is abolished) 


Firewood (any species) 


(i) Per stacked m³



(ii) Per tonne



License Fee (Firewood) 


(i) Per person per month


  (ii) Per person per month for domestic use only RM1.00
6 Charcoal (Mangrove)
  (i) Any species in bulk
  • Mangrove: RM10.00/Tonne
  • Non-Mangrove: Already paid in local processing royalty
  (ii) Sacks not exceeding 50kgs per sack
  • Mangrove: RM1.50/bag
  • Non-Mangrove: Already paid in local processing royalty
  (iii) Per oven per month
  • Mangrove: RM50.00
  • Non-Mangrove: Already paid in local processing royalty
7 Chips 
  (i) Mangrove  Mangrove is not allowed for chipping 
  (ii) Inland Hardwood  Royalty to be collected based on local processing royalty. No more export royalty. 
8 Sawntimber Grading and Marking Charges 
  (i) Marking with mark of origin BINOB RM0.50/M³ 
  (ii) Certificate of Grade and marking with mark of origin BINOB RM1.00/M³ 
  (iii) Certificate of correct measurement RM2.00/M³ 
  (iv) Certificate of freedom from live borer only RM1.00/M³ 
  (v) Certificate of grades, correct measurement, freedom from live borer and hammer marking RM3.00/M³ 
  (vi) Miscellaneous inspection RM1.50/M³ 
9 Log Grading and Marking Charges  
  (i) Marking with mark of origin BINOB RM0.50/M³ 
  (ii) Certificate of Grade and marking with mark of origin BINOB RM1.00/M³ 
  (iii) Certificate of correct measurement RM2.00/M³ 
  (iv) Certificate of freedom from live borer only RM1.00/M³ 
  (v) Certificate of grades, correct measurement, freedom from borer and hammer marking RM3.00/M³ 
  (vi) Miscellaneous inspection RM1.50/M³ 
10 Overtime (During Scaling)  3% of the basic salary
  Note: The scaler shall be paid the normal rate of 1% of the basic salary as overtime and the balance 2% shall be taken as Government revenue  
11 Processed Timber Export Licence RM2,500/annum
12 Sales of Maps Revised as per items below:
  1. Paper map: RM94/meter
  2. Transparencies map: RM141/meter
  3. Data processing and plotting: RM150/hour
13 Issuance of Forest Licenses
  (i) Form I (i) RM3,000/issuance including renewal
  (ii) Special Licence (ii) RM5,000/issuance
  (iii) Licence Agreement (iii) RM20,000/issuance
  (iv) Form IIB
  1. 50 acre & below: RM100 per issuance
  2. 51-150 acres: RM300 per issuance
  3. 150 acres & above: RM700 per issuance
Note: Form IIB licence fee is a new rate
14 Logging Vehicle
  (i) Tractors RM1,000/annum
  (ii) Skidders RM500/annum
  (iii) Others RM500/annum
  (iv) Long Distance Cable System (LDCS) No fee imposed
15 Extraction of Rotan - Collection Fee  
  (i) Forest Reserve RM10/person/month
  (ii) Stateland NIL
16 Permit to possess or carry firearms of Apparatus within a Forest Reserve RM100/annum
17 Issuance of Removal Pass RM5.00 per lorry/scow
18 Export of Rotan (sourced domestically)
  (i) Unprocessed Rotan (fresh from the jungle) Banned from export
  (ii) Processed Rotan (washed, treated with sulphur or other chemicals, graded, dried, split or unsplit and bundled) Banned from export
  (iii) Converted Rotan (whole Furniture or Artifacts) NIL
  Note: For imported rattan, please refer to FD23/2013
19 Permit to enter Forest Reserve  
  (i) Permit to enter Bird Nest Centres in F.R. (For visitors) RM5.00/person/entry 
  (ii) Permit to enter F.R. to collect Bird Nest (for collectors) RM5.00/person/entry 
20 Removal of sand from Forest Reserve
  1.  10% of the value
  2. Occupation: RM5,000/annum
21 Gravel stones (along Riverbeds)
  (i) Occupation RM1,000/ha/annum
  (ii) Permit to operate gravel extraction work Not allowed
22 Sawmill Licence Fees:
  (i) Sawmill
  1. Own use: RM3,000/annum+RM100/sawbench
  2. Commercial use: RM3,000/annum and RM100/sawbench
  (ii) Chipmill RM6,000/annum
  (iii) Veneer Plant RM6,000/annum and RM2,400 per peeler machine or slicer machine and RM100/sawbench
  (iv) Plywood Plant - do -
  (v) Moulding Plant RM2,000/annum + RM100/sawbench
  (vi)MDF (Medium Density Fibre Board Plant)  
       (i) Using wood fibre RM6,000
       (ii) Using non-wood fibre RM1,000/annum
  (vii) Pulp Plant RM12,000/annum
  (viii) Paper Plant  
       (i) Using timber fibre RM12,000/annum
       (ii) Using non-wood fibre RM1,000/annum
  (ix) Wood-preservation Plant RM1,200/annum
  (x) Wood-cement board Plant RM5,000/annum
  (xi) Blockboard RM5,000/annum and Rm2,400/peeler/slicer machine and RM100/sawbench
  (xii) Carbon Rod Mill RM1,000/annum
  (xiii) Chopstick Mill RM500/annum
  (xiv) Kiln Dry Plant RM1,200/annum
  (xv) Match Factory RM100
  (xvi) Furniture Factory RM2,000 and RM100 for each bandsaw
  1. If a mill is an integral part of another mill then only the highest fee will be imposed. Wood Preservation Plant, Kiln Dry Plant and Mobile Sawmill however are excluded from this porvision and a separate licence fee is needed.
  2. Government owned mill is exempted from payment of annual fee/machinery fee.
23 Quarry Licence (F.R.) for commercial use
  (i) Occupation Rm5,000/annum
  (ii) Permit to quarry RM5,000/annum
  Annual Fee  
  (i) Grade E } Based on JKR RM2,000/annum
  (ii) Grade D} Geological Dept. grading RM6,000/annum
  (iii) Grade C} RM12,000/annum
  (iv) Grade B} RM24,000/annum
  (v) Grade A} RM50,000/annum
24 Administrative Charges
  (i) Delay in Extracting Felled Trees Deleted. (i) is similar to (ii)
  (ii) Abandoned logs/trees 3 times the export royalty as penalty
  (iii) Felling undersized trees excluding Macarangga species 10 times the local processing royalty as penalty (based on the highest rate)
  (iv) Leaving High Stumps RM100/stump
  (v) Illegal felling 10 times the export royalty rate as penalty
  (vi) Unauthorised used of commercial species for temporary construction work RM100/tree and local processing royalty payment
  (vii) Avoidable damage to pole size trees RM500/tree
  (viii) Failure to deliver by the date specified an accurate map of any year's working and the location of all extraction routes RM5,000/month or part of a month during which the maps are to be submitted
  (ix) Failure to prevent and to report an outbreak of fire RM1,000/detection
  (x) Production of an incorrect specification for any parcel or part of parcel of timber 2 times of the royalty per parcel
  (xi) Unauthorised removal of logs 3 times the export royalty
  (xii) Felling prohibited species RM5,000/stump
  (xiii) Failure to declare an area which has been logged and to request for logging inspection for that particular area RM5,000/detection
  (xiv) Penalty for removing forest produce between 7pm to 7am without authority RM300 per lorry for first offence and RM500/lorry for second or subsequent offence
  (xv) Attempting unauthorized export of logs 10 times the export royalty
  * Note: Apart from the penalties stated herein, other applicable charges, e.g. log export royalty in the case of undersized trees are to be paid.  
  (xvi) Production of an incorrect mill production report RM500/report
  (xvii) Failure to mark logs with registered property mark or serial number RM20/log
  (xviii) Non maintenance of boundary RM500/detection (Refer FD 09/2006)
  (xix) Failure to register as a mill contractor/logging contractor RM1,000/detection
  (xx) Attempting unauthorised export of any forest produce or product other than logs 50% of the fine imposed on unauthorised export logs as in 24(xv)
25 Minor Forest Produce (Damar, Fosil Gums, Gaharu, Cinnamon, Sticks, Tengkawang fruits, etc) 10% of the value. However Gaharu is only allowed if it is alienated land's production. F.R. and state land's production is not allowed.