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Event Title: International Conference on Heart of Borneo (HoB) Enabling and Empowering Conservation Through Science-Policy Interface, Conservation Finance and Community Engagement
Event Date / Time:

8th Nov, 2016 12:00AM


9th Nov, 2016 11:59PM

Event Description: Since the inception of the Heart of Borneo (HoB) Initiative, various efforts have been taken to improve the biodiversity within, through the expansion of protected areas, intensification of forest restoration activities, and implementation of sustainable forest management within forest reserves and the adoption of best practices within the agricultural sector involving lands outside of the protected areas.

Apart from that, annual HoB international conferences were held since 2009 focusing on
1. the enhancement of forest ecosystems connectivity;
2. forest and climate change through decoding and realising REDD+;
3. green business and development for the environment;
4. sustainability together;
5. unleashing HoB’s natural capital for sustainable growth,
6. enhancing biodiversity towards no net loss and beyond; and
7. bridging HoB landscapes and beyond through healthy watershed corridors.

The Heart of Borneo Trilateral Meetings had covered various issues such as trans-boundary protected area management, institutional arrangements, biodiversity conservation, green ecotourism, research and development and local community involvement in the sustainable development and conservation in the HoB. The Meetings also recommended broader aspects of the HoB Initiative that include among others, policy and socio-economic impacts and external financial support to strengthen the Initiative. This provided the precursor for this international conference on the HoB, which will focus on enabling and empowering conservation through science-policy interface, conservation finance and community engagement.

The objectives of this conference are:
1. To provide the platform to deliberate on the current affairs pertaining to science-policy interface, conservation finance and community engagement in tropical forest management; and

2. To discuss the crucial issues for long term implementation of the Sabah Heart of Borneo Strategic Plan of Action

The Magellan Sutera, 88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia