Laporan Tahunan 2014

notesLaporan Tahunan 2014 Jabatan Perhutanan Sabah

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Book Cover

  • Vision & Mission
  • Objectives
  • Director's Message 2014
4,669kb Muat Turun
1. Strategies  171kb Muat Turun
2. News In Pictures  4,169kb Muat Turun
3. Perseverance & Persistence With A Sense of Crisis  3,056kb Muat Turun
4. Personnel  3,346kb Muat Turun
5. Establishment Profile  700kb Muat Turun
6. Human Resource Development  2,489kb Muat Turun
7. Forestry Training Institute  1,644kb Muat Turun
8. Publicity & Awareness  2,498kb Muat Turun
9. Quality Management  1,853kb Muat Turun
10. ICT Studies & Services  1,972kb Muat Turun
11. Enforcement, Investigation & Prosecution  1,842kb Muat Turun
12. Project Management & General Services  4,324kb Muat Turun
13. Forest Revenue & Expenditure  775kb Muat Turun
14. Forest Industries & Statistics 1,594kb Muat Turun

Forest Sector Training

  • Policy, Legislation & Sectoral Development
  • Project Cooperation & Collaboration
  • International Forestry & Corporate Affairs
  • Special Reports of Projects
  • Special Report on Events
  1. The Centennial Forestry Celebration
  2. Heart International Conference On Enhancing Biodiversity Towards No Net Loss & Beyond Within The Hob Landscape
  3. 17th Malaysian Forestry Conference
 28,833kb Muat Turun
16. Forest Restoration Projects Under The Community Forestry And Forest Rehabilitation Funds 3,428kb Muat Turun
17. Forest Resource Management  2,989kb Muat Turun
18. Forest Protection  1,987kb Muat Turun
19. Sustainable Forest Management  2,224kb Muat Turun
20. Social Forestry  2,686kb Muat Turun
21. Deramakot Forest Operations  4,532kb Muat Turun
22. Mangrove Forest Management & Restoration  3,021kb Muat Turun
23. Ulu Segama-Malua Sustainable Forest Management Project  7,797kb Muat Turun
24. Ulu Kalumpang-Wullersdorf Sustainable Forest Management Project  1,675kb Muat Turun
25. Timimbang-Botitian Sustainable Forest Management Project  2,749kb Muat Turun
26. Tangkulap—Sg. Pinangah Forest Development Project  3,514kb Muat Turun
27. Conservation Area Management Plan (Camp) For Fmu 10  3,089kb Muat Turun
28. Northern Gunung Rara Sustainable Forest Management Project  2,763kb Muat Turun
29. Special Features
  • The Cinnamon Trees, Cinnamomum Schaeff. (Lauraceae) in Sabah
  • Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre – Progress in 2014
  • Borneo Rhino Sanctuary (BRS) Programme – Progress in 2014
  • The Biodiversity Monitoring Project
  • RIL Implementation In Sabah
  • Sabah: Building a future through evidence-based conservation and sustainability
 6,976kb Muat Turun
30. Research & Development
  • Natural Forest Ecology & Management
  • Plant Diversity Programme
  • Insect Diversity Programme
  • Plantation Silviculture Programme
  • Tree Breeding and Seed Establishment Programme
  • Insect Pest and Disease Programme
  • Utilisation of Forest Products Programme
  • Biotechnology Programme
  • Phytochemistry Research Programme
  • Soil and Watershed Programme
  • Tourism Programme
  • Consultancy Unit
  • Forest Research Centre: Staff and Research Activities
  • Conference/Seminar/Training/Course/Visit Participated
 13,286kb Muat Turun
31. Reports, Publications, Articles & Unpublished Reports 1,509kb Muat Turun