International Conference on the Heart of Borneo: Bridging HoB Landscapes and Beyond through Healthy Watershed Corridors & Sabah's RAMSAR Conference 2015

notesInternational Conference on the Heart of Borneo: Bridging HoB Landscapes and Beyond through Healthy Watershed Corridors & Sabah's RAMSAR Conference 2015
Venue: Magellan Sutera Harbour Resort, Kota Kinabalu
Date: 11-12 November 2015

Keynote Session

Ms Kari Vigerstol, The Nature Conservancy (TNC).The Nature Conservacy (TNC)'s Experiences with Water Funds.

2. Dr Michael Kleine, Austrian Natural Resources Management & International Coorperation Agency (ANRICA).
Multipurpose Landscape Assessments: Meeting International Planning & Reporting Standards - Can We Do Better ?
3. Dr Henry Chan, WWF Malaysia & Indonesia.
The Heart of Borneo Corridor Project: Ensuring Healthy Watershed Corridors for Borneo.
4. Professor Shigeyuki Baba, International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems (ISME).
Current Status of Mangroves Worldwide: The Vital Corridor Linking the Sea and Inland Forests.

Session One:
SE Rainforest Research Partnership (SEARPP) Supported Science (Impacts of Forest Fragmentation & the Importance of Connectivity)

0. Keynote Address by Professor Roger Kitching, Griffith University, Australia.
Impacts of Forest Fragmentation & the Importance of Connectivity.
1. Professor Jane Hill, University of York, UK.
Habitat Connectivity and Climate Change.
2. Dr Benny Wong, University of Nottingham KL, Malaysia.
Regenerative Capacity and Ecosystem Functioning of Fragmented Dipterocarp Forests in Sabah, Malaysia.
3. Dr Jedediah Brodie, University of British Columbia, Canada.
Mapping Landscape Connectivity and Prioritizing Habitat Corridors in the Heart of Borneo.
4. Dr Isabelle Lackman, HUTAN-KOCP.
Orang-utan on the Edge: Fragmented Sanctuary and Wildlife Corridors in the Lower Kinabatangan.
5. Assoc. Prof. Dr Henry Bernard, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia.
Distribution and Persistence of Primate Community in Disturbed and Converted Forest Landscapes in Sabah, Malaysia.
6. Dr Matthew Struebig (by video), University of Kent, UK.
Targeted Conservation to Safeguard Borneo's Biodiversity from Land-Cover and Climate Change.
7. Dr Eleanor Slade, University of Oxford, UK.
Preserving Biodiversity-Ecosystem Functioning Relationships in Human Modified Tropical Landscapes.
8. Dr Kogila Vani Annammala, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.
Linking Land-use, Erosion and Sediment: Indication of Higher Erosion & Sedimentation from Logged and Oil Palm Sites in in Eastern Sabah, Borneo.
9. Mr Anand Nainar, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia.
Variations in Suspended Sediment Dynamics in Catchments of Differing Land-Use In The Upper Brantian and Kalabakan Catchments of Sabah (North Borneo).
10. Dr Glen Reynolds, SEARRP.
The Socially & Environmentally Sustainable Oil Palm Research (SEnSOR) Project.
11. Dr Jennifer Lucey, University of York, UK.
New Outputs from SEnSOR: Identifying Co-benefits for Biodiversity and Carbon Storage within Oil Palm Landscapes.
12. Dr Maja Slingerland, Wageningen University, The Netherlands.
Biophysical and Socio-economic Opportunities Constraints to Improving Smallholders Oil Palm Yield and Income.

Session Two:
Ridge to Reef Initiatives (Forever Sabah)

1. Dr Margaret Lowman, California Academy of Sciences.
Watershed: Canopies to the Ground.
2. Mr Brock Todd Dolman, Occidental Arts and Ecology Centre WATER Institute.
Basin in Relations: Thinking Like a Watershed.
3. Ms Anna Tyler, Ministry for Primary Industries, New Zealand.
Policies and Initiatives for Watershed Conservation in New Zealand.
4. Ms Belinda Lip, WWF-Malaysia.
Watershed Tools and Approaches for Sustainable Management with Case Examples from WWF.
5. Professor Dr Fadzilah Majid Cooke, Universiti Malaysia Sabah.
Contribution if Environmental Sociology to the Corridors Conservation in Sabah.
6. Mr Kazunobu Suzuku, JICA-SDBEC.
Overview of JICA Project: River Basin Management and Livelihood Improvement in Crocker Range Biosphere Reserve.
7. Dr. Felix Tongkul, Universiti Malaysia Sabah.
Status of Mount Kinbalu Water Catchments after the June 2015 Ranau Earthquake - Lessons Learned.
8. Dr Rebekah Shirley, University of California, Berkeley.
Intergrated Long Term Energy Planning for Emerging Economies: A Case Study of Sustainable Energy Development Opportunities in East malaysia.
9. Dr. Waidi Sinun, Yayasan Sabah.
Conservation & Protection of Water Resources Catchment: Are We Doing Enough in Sabah.
10. Ms Claudia Lasimbang & Dr Nicola Abram, Forever Sabah.
Telupid Living Landscape.
11. Mr Harry Jonas & Mr Neville Yapp, Forever Sabah.
Ramsar Living Seascape.
12. Datuk Darrel Webber, RSPO.
Overview of Sabah 100% CSPO.
13. Dr. Reza Azmi, Wild Asia.
Making 100% Traceable to Certified Palm Oil a Reality: A Decade of Learning from Working Within the Malaysian Palm Oil Sector.

Sabah's RAMSAR Conference
1. Hj Hussin Tukiman, Sabah Forestry Department.
Overview of Lower Kinabatangan-Segama Wetlands (LKSW) Ramsar Project in Sabah.
2. Dr Reuben Nilus, Sabah Forstry Department.
Forest Ecosystems of Sabah's Ramsar Site.
3. Mr John B Sugau, Sabah Forestry Department.
Plant Diversity Study in Ramsar Site in Sabah, Malaysia.
4. Ms Nadirah Abdul Manaf, Universiti Malaysia Sabah.
Reproductive Phenology and Sugar Production of Nypa fruticans in Labuk Bay, Sandakan.
5. Mr Hubert Petol, Sabah Forestry Department.
Preliminary Checklist of Mammals and Birds of Kulamba Field Centre and Nearby Forests in the LKSW.
6. Ms Sarifah Rejab, SIRIM Berhad.
Aphrodisiac Potential & Preclinical Evaluation on the Extract of Mangrove Plants in Coastal Area in Sabah.
7. Prof Dr Shin Watanabe, Ryukus University.
Preliminary Survey to Set-Up a Long-Term Mangrove Monitoring Site and to Establish a Transcriptome Database for Primary Mangrove Species in Sabah.
8. Prof Dr Abd Hamid Ahmad, Universiti Malaysia Sabah.
Wild Cattle in the Wetlands - is the Bornean Banteng a Distinct Species ?
9. Dr B. Mabel Manjaji Matsumoto, Universiti Malaysia Sabah.
Taxonomic Notes on Fisher of the Lower Kinabatangan-Segama Wetlands, Ramsar Site.
10. Dr Tohru Naruse, Ryukus University.
Decapod Crustaceans in the Mangrove Ecosystems Around Sandakan and LKSW, Sabah.
11. Dr Arthur Chung, Sabah Forestry Department.
Insect Diversity of Tundon Bohangin, Sabah.
12. Ms Guslia Lahasing, KKWC.
KK Wetlands Towardsits Ramsar Status.
13. Ms Irmadiana Ardi, Forest Department Sarawak.
Sharing of Experience, Management and Conservation of Kuching Wetlands National Park - Ramsar Site.
14. Professor Dr Fadzilah Majid Cooke, Universiti Malaysia Sabah.
Where are the People in the Ramsar Wetlands of the Lower Kinabatangan and Segama Rivers of Sabah ?