2nd Call For Proposal: Preparation of a 10-year Integrated Landscape Management Plan (ILMP) (LC-3)

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The Sabah Forestry Department is looking for interested expert(s) or consortium of experts to provide the following consultancy service, for the above mentioned project:

Preparation of a 10-year Integrated Landscape Management Plan (ILMP) (LC-3)

Background of the Consultancy Assignment:

The 261,264 ha GoM-UNDP-GEF project landscape (hereafter known as Project) is located in the eastern part of Sabah as a contiguous block of unique ecological and socio-economic characteristics, which also form an important connecting land mass between three sizeable and globally significant protected areas. These are: Maliau Basin Conservation Area (58,840 ha), located to the west of the project area; Danum Valley Conservation Areas (43,800 ha) to the east and Imbak Canyon Conservation Areas (16,750 ha) to the north.
The objective of the Project is to bring the land-uses in the connecting landscape and protected areas under a common and integrated management umbrella strategy in order to mainstream biodiversity, ecosystem functions and resilience, while enabling ongoing sustainable uses.
The Project aims to achieve this objective through delivery of three interconnected components:
i.    An enabling environment for optimized, multiple-use planning, financing, management and protection of forest landscapes;
ii.    Demonstration of multiple-use forest landscape planning and management system; and
iii.    Sustainable financing of protected areas and associated forest landscape areas demonstrated at the pilot site.
The Project is expected to serve as a model to draw lessons learnt in best practices for replication in other forest landscapes within Sabah and in other parts of Malaysia and the Heart of Borneo.
Under Component 2, the Project will define and work to implement an optimal mix of production and conservation land-uses within the target landscape. In order to do, GEF support will be utilized to:
i.    Select/develop and implement an environmental economic model that incorporates biodiversity and ecosystem function targets within the forest landscape.
ii.    Prepare a landscape-level forest management plan based on a combination of land-uses.
iii.    Support pilot implementation of the 10-Year Integrated Landscape Management Plan (ILMP).
Meanwhile, the environmental economic model and essential socio-economic baselines of the given landscape with the ultimate objectives of guiding the preparation of the ILMP were carried out by other consultants. Their reports are available with the project office in Sandakan. Other areas under this component, which are related in the preparation of the plan, are on-going with some interim reports are being prepared. These reports are also available in the project office.

Consultancy Key Objective:

The project intends to hire a consultant(s) who will be responsible to deliver and accomplish the preparation of the 10-Year Integrated Landscape Forest Management Plan.

The full Terms of Reference (TOR) for the consultancy is available for download (www.forest.sabah.gov.my/undpgefproject).

Interested parties are kindly requested to submit proposal together with a detailed individual/company/organization profile (to include areas of expertise and experience, examples of relevant ongoing and past consultancies, services provided and staff capacity) and expected fees - in details to:
Chief Conservator of Forests
Sabah Forestry Department
Locked Bag No. 68
(Attn: UNDP-GEF Project Manager)
Deadline for applications: 14th March, 2018 (Wednesday), 5 p.m.
Should you have any enquiry, please e-mail to :

Mr. Jeflus Sinajin at or
Ms. Lee Ka Han at