Implementing Agency Coordination Committee (IACC)

In July 2014, the FLEGT Unit of SFD was in the process of establishing the IACC and it was formalized by the year-end. The IACC is a forum for consultation amongst all implementing agencies on matters related to the implementation of TLAS. The major functions of the IACC, amongst others, are to establish linkages and coordination between TLAS implementing agencies with licensing authorities and to relay the feedback of inspection reports carried out by implementing agencies in the relevant TLAS tables to the licensing authorities. 

List of Sabah TLAS Implementing Agency Coordination Committee (IACC) Members

No Agency Abbrevation
01 Sabah Forestry Department FDS 
02 Sabah Land and Survey Department  JTU
03 Royal Malaysian Customs Department KASTAM
04 Social Security Organisation PERKESO
05 Pejabat Hasil Bumi Negeri Sabah  SUHB
06 Sabah Agriculture Department JPS
07 Department of Occupational, Safety and Health DOSH
08 Sabah Labour Department JTKS
09 Sabah Wildlife Department JHL
10 Sabah Environment Protection Department JPAS
11 Malaysian Timber Industrial Board (Sabah) MTIB