Field Evaluation

In the beginning of 2014, the scoring of audit compliance was changed and categorized into Major GAP, Minor GAP and Observation. Legal compliance is recognized if there is no major GAP identified against any applicable criteria. Compliance with overall criteria albeit with presences of non-compliance identified in the indicators will be issued as Minor GAP and shall be addressed by the next assessment. Any Major GAP of non-compliance must be closed within two months whereas for Minor GAPs a period of one calendar year is given.

In the event that the re-assessment result has proven that any Minor GAP has continuously failed to be rectified, the GAP would be elevated to Major GAP. All licensees fully complying with the requirements of the Sabah TLAS will be awarded with Certificate of Compliance.

In 2014, GFS has conducted TLAS assessments twice a month under the existing RIL project that requires a total of 180 man-days per month, covering a total of 23 SFMLA/LTL areas. The assessment works were scheduled and monitored by SFD, whereas the responsibility of GFS is to conduct field assessment based on the approved Standard of Procedures.

The checklist for field assessment comprises of 6 Principles, viz. Principle 1: Right To Harvest; Principle 2: Forest Operation; Principle 3: Statutory Charges, Principle 4: Other Users’ Right, Principle 5: Mill Operations, Principle 6: Trade and Custom and they are supplemented with 25 criteria and 126 indicators.