List of Publications

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01 Compilation Of Presentation: Regional Forum On Enhancing Forest Ecosystems Connectivity & Corridors within The Heart Of Borneo in Sabah (26-27 October 2009) pdf
02 Compilation of Presentations:
Forest & Climate Change - Decoding & Realising REDD-plus In The Heart of Borneo with Specific Focus on Sabah (809 November 2010)
03 Compilation of Presentations:
Green Economy & Development - Engaging Business for Environment (15-16 November 2011)
04 Compilation of Presentations:
Heart of Borneo (HoB) +5 and Beyond : Sharping & Nurturing Sabah's Future Together (6-7 November 2012)
05 International Conference on "HEART OF BORNEO's Natural Capital: Unleashing Their Potential for Sustainable Growth in Sabah" (11-12 November 2013) pdf
06 International Conference On Enhancing Biodiversity Towards No Net Loss & Beyond Within The Heart Of Borneo Landscape (10 November 2014) pdf
07 International Heart of Borneo (HOB) Conference On Bridging HoB Landscapes and Beyond Through Healthy Watershed Corridors (11-12 November 2015) pdf
08 International Conference on Heart of Borneo (HoB) Enabling and Empowering Conservation Through Science-Policy Interface, Conservation Finance and Community Engagement (8-9 November 2016) pdf
09 Decade of Heart of Borneo (HoB) Initiative. Accomplishments and the Way Forward (24-25 October 2017) pdf

Compilation of Presentations:
International Conference on The Heart of Borneo - Transcending Boundaries for A New Conservation Era (22-23 March 2019)