International Conference on Heart of Borneo 2017 - A Decade of Heart of Borneo (HoB) Initiative: Accomplishments and the Way Forward - 24 - 25 Oct. 2017 Magellan Sutera Harbour Resort, Kota Kinabalu Sabah

1. Keynote Address by Dato' Dr. Mikaail Kavanagh
  HoB : An Idea that Grew
2. Mr. Haji Muhammad Safwan bin Abdullah Bibi - HoB Brunei
  Heart of Borneo Corridor Project
3. Prabianto Mukti Wibowo
  Heart of Borneo : Transboundary Ecotourism & Nature Protection: Promoting Conditions For Long-Term Sustainability & Prosperity In The Heart of Borneo
4. Ms. Wilhelmina Cluncy - Forestry Department Sarawak
  Transboundary Management within the HoB Landscape
5. Mr. Frederick Kugan - Sabah Forestry Department
  HoB Sabah - Providing Platform for Innovative Conservation Initiatives

1. Dr. Roberta Martin on behalf of Carnegie Institution for Science, USA
  CAO-Sabah Science
2. Dr. Jedediah Brodie - University of Montana, USA
  Landscape Connectivity, Wildlife Persistence & Mega-dams in Malaysian Borneo
3. Dr. Benoit Goosens - Danau Girang Field Centre, Sabah
  Conservation & Management of the Endangered Bornean Banteng (Bos javanicus lowi) - A Brief Overview of Findings from the State-wide Survey of Sabah
4. Dr. David Burslem - University of Aberdeen, UK
  Changes in the Expression of Plant Functional Traits in Response to Logging in Tropical Forests
5. Eleanor Slade & Mr. Miklin Ationg - University of Oxford, UK & Department of Irrigation & Drainage, Sabah.
  Assessing the Benefits of Riparian Reserves: Developing the Science to Inform Environmental Policy
6. Dr. Lucas Evans - Carnegie Institution for Science, USA
  LiDAR & its Utilization in the Maintainance of Bornean Elephant Populations
7. Mdm. Anne Lasimbang - PACOS Trust, Sabah
  Indigenous & Community Conserved Areas in Sabah
8. Dr. Sarah Scriven - University of York, UK
  Forest Connectivity Benefits of High Conservation Value (HCV) Areas in RSPO Member-held Oil Palm Plantations
9. Dr. Yeong Kok Loong - SEARRP & University of Sheffield, UK
  Impacts of Forest Fragmentation on Dipterocarp Recuirtment in Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

1. Mr. Albert Teo - Borneo Eco Tours
  Ecotourism Development: Community Based Tourism in the Heart of Borneo
2. Mdm. Lynette Ramsay Silver - TYK Adventure Tours
  Following the Historic Death March Track: Eco Tourism in the Tawai & Taviu Forest Reserve
3. Mr. Lee Kian Foh - Green Spider
  Importance of Ecosystem Conservation in Ecotourism Development
4. Prof. Dr. Mohd. Shahwahid Haji Othman - Department of Natural Resources Economics, University Putra Malaysia (UPM)
  Willingness of Visitors to Pay for Ecosystem Conservation
5. Dr. Waidi Sinun - Borneo Refugia Sdn. Bhd.
  Selling the Forest through Tourism, the Story of the Kawag Danum Rainforest Lodge
6. Mr. Neville Yap - Forever Sabah/LEAP
  Community Based Ecologically Sustainable Tourism (CBEST) Programme in Sabah
7. Mr. Djuanis Mogirong - Sabah Homestay Association
  Homestay Programme - Benefits to the Local Community in Sabah
8. Mr. Mohd Abu Bakar - Sabah Forestry Department
  The Potential of Ecotourism Activities within the Telupid Forest Reserve Complex (TFRC) & its Surrounding Areas
9. Mr. Mark Louis Benedict - APE Malaysia
  A Habitat Restoration Model in the Lower Kinabatangan through Volunteer Management

1. Dr. Robert Ong - Sabah Forestry Department
  Forest Landscape Ecosystem Restoration in Sabah
2. Ms. Cyntia Ong - Forever Sabah
  Sabah RSPO Juridiction Certification: the Smallholder Challenge
3. Prof. William F. Laurance - James Cook University, Australia
  Roads to Ruin? Optimising Human Needs, Infrastructure & Forest Conservation in Sabah
4. Ms. Kertijah Abdul Kadir - Nestle Manufacturing (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
  RILEAF Project - Supporting K-COL Riparian Reforestation
5. Dr. Petra Kretzschmar - Leibniz Institute for Zoo & Wildlife Research / Rhino & Forest Fund
  Securing, Restoring & Connecting Habitat for Large Mmmals in Sabah, Malaysia
6. Dr. Jephte Sompud & Mr. Collin Goh - UMS & KTS Plantation Sdn. Bhd.
  Wildlife as a Natural Resources in Natural Forest Managed FMU: A Case Study in KTSP Sdn. Bhd., Segaliud Lokan, Sabah
7. Dr. Dzaeman Dzulkifli - Tropical Rainforest Conservation & Research Centre (TRCRC)
  Ex-situ Solutions for Conservation & Sustainable Land Use Strategies
8. Ms. Rosila Anthony & Ms. Norlina Mohd. Din - EU-REDD+ Project
  The Status of the Establishment of Community Conserved Areas (CCAs) under the EU Programme - Tackling Climate Change through Sustainable Forest Management & Community Development
9. Mr. Jaime Gampawi - Sabah Forest Department
  Watershed Management in Ulu Kalumpang-Wullersdoft Sustainable Forest Management Project
10. Mr. Christopher A. Matunjau - Sabah Forstry Department
  Restoration of Peatland in Sabah - Challenges & the Way Forward
11. Dr. Joseph Tangah - Sabah Forestry Department
  A Decade of Restoration & Rehabilitation of Degraded Mangroves in Sabah

1. Mr. Mahali Yusin - Sabah Forestry Department
  Forest Laws & Enforcement in Sabah: Progress & Achievement
2. Mr. Bernard Valentine Sabah Forestry Department
  The Training at the Sabah Forestry Institute: Achievements & the Way Forwards
3. Dr. Sara H Williams - University of Montana, USA
  Using Animal Movement Models to Access Connectivity for Integration in Optimized Reserve Network Design
4. Dr. Rosie Trevalyan - Tropical Biology Association, UK
  Building Capacity for Ecosystem Services Valuation & Management
5. Ms. Amrei von Hase - Forest Trends, USA
  Building Capacity for a Net Gain Policy
6. Dr. Reza Azmi - Wild Asia, Malaysia
  Approaches to Capacity Building in Palm Oil
7. Ms. Bernadette D. Joeman - Sabah Forestry Department
  Capacity Building through the EErace