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Discover the rain forest from the ground and the treetops!!

With the rain forest just about 8 miles away from the Sandakan Airport, and only 24 km (14 miles) from Sandakan Town, it is probably the most accessible rain forest in Sabah!

Here, you can discover the rain forest from the treetops (along a 347 m-long Canopy Walkway) and from the ground (along our network of trails and paths)!

See our facilities here!

The Canopy Walkway

The Canopy Walkway is about 347 m long with 2 towers (named Bristlehead and Trogon respectively) and a single-column Sunbird Shelter. It is the first of its kind in the country and one of few of such structures in the Southeast Asia!

The walkway is 2-m wide and about 25 m above the ground at its highest point. It is made very sturdy to cater to large crowds. Most of all, it was designed to be safe for kindergarten-level children as the RDC is really an environmental education centre!

The Canopy Walkway provides additional opportunities for nature education, birding and photography, thereby adding value to the overall experience of visitors.



Mon, Wed and Fri, 6-8 pm.

Where to register?

Ticketing Counter

Where to meet up?

At the gazebo before 6 pm.

How much?

RM 30/person for a minimum of 2 hours. Add RM 15 for each additional hour. Children 5-17 years old, RM 15/person.

Please pay fees to your guides. Fees are inclusive of RDC Night-walk fees (RM5 for all night-walkers).

A minimum of 4 persons is needed for night-walk to proceed. If you are alone, you will have to pay minimum of RM 120.

How many?

Only a maximum of 10 night-walkers per-group, excluding 1 Guide and 1 or 2 Spotters.

What to wear?

Please use comfortable long pants and walking shoes.

What to bring?

Torch-light (Flashlight) and raincoat if there is a possibility of rain.

Visitor Building

The Visitor Building houses a multi-purpose hall (called the Rainforest Hall), a Muslim prayer room, offices, toilets, EE Activity Hall, toilets and Exhibition Hall.

The exhibition focuses on the flora and fauna of Sabah. For plants, the posters cover a wide range of topics, from various plant groups, adaptations to forest types.

The section on animals is mainly about the more iconic and well-known groups of mammals in Sabah, such as the Bornean pygmy elephant, squirrels, primates, wild cats and deer. There are also information on reptiles and the main groups of birds.

Rainforest Discovery Trails

The Rainforest Discovery Trails is a network of nature trails that provides easy access into the forest.

Numerous interpretive panels along the trail describe the unique features of the natural forest and its inhabitants. Night walks along the trails also offer a chance to see wildlife, such as slow lorises, tarsiers, mouse deer and civet cats, and interesting insects such as stick insects.

See our Plant Discovery Garden here!

Plant Discovery Garden

PDGThe Plant Discovery Garden serves to promote an overall appreciation for plants in terms of their diversity, uniqueness, biological functions and values to society.

The core garden area is only about 1 hectare (about 3 acres). It features special displays on native and hybrid orchids, arid land plants, aquatic plants, pitcher-plants, economic crops, and tropical American plants, amongst others. There are many colourful outdoor interpretive panels are designed to enhance the educational experience of visitors.