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Sepilok Junior Rangers

The Sepilok Junior Ranger Programme was launched on the 11th November 2006 for children of the staff of the Sabah Forestry and Sabah Wildlife Departments residing in Sepilok. The Sepilok Junior Rangers (SJRs) are aged from 9 to 17 years old. The programme’s main aim is to instil a caring attitude towards the RDC and the environmental as a whole amongst the SJRs.

Numerous EE activities were conducted for the SJRs at the RDC. In the recent years, they were trained to conduct EE activities for the general public during Sabah Forestry Department’s public exhibition in Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan.

Junior Board

Senior SJRs are also trained to conduct children's events such as camps and children's conferences. During these events, they are called Junior Board.

The first junior board was set up for the 6th YAWA-SEEN International Children Conference on the Environment (June 2009) and the second was the Asian Wetland School Network Exchange Programme (March 2011).

They also conduct the Children’s Bird Camp during the annual Borneo Bird Festivals held at RDC since Oct 2010 (with the exception of 2012 when the festival was held elsewhere).

Holistic training

Besides activities to educate SJRs about the environment, for e.g. learning about local plants and trees, animals and birding, they are also trained in planning, organising and conducting certain activities during events we organise. In this way, we hope to enhance leadership qualities and to improve their inter-personal and communication skills.

This year's activities

Bird Race Sok


Seedling propagation activity

Learning how to make candle from reuse oil

lLearning about forest layer

English Learning class during school holiday