The objective of forest restoration is to rehabilitate degraded areas where stand stocking are absent or inadequate by planting fast growing indigenous or dipterocarps species for future timber production and to enhance wildlife habitat, especially orang utan habitats. In 2007, the largest area planned for forest restoration was 500ha, within compartments 105 & 107 of Northern Ulu Segama Forest Reserve. However, only 348 ha had been achieved since planting only started in June and this was attributed to the inadequate supply of planting materials.

There are two recommended ways to implement the forest restoration activities.

Firstly is the rehabilitation and enhancement of wildlife habitats in areas zoned for conservation. This involves intensive mix-planting of pioneer species, dipterocarp species, other indigenous species and endemic fruit seedlings. This can be a combination of single line planting of pioneer or fruit seedlings in open areas and cluster 3 planting of dipterocarps or other indigenous species under shade cover.

Secondly, the area for timber production, whereby the main goal is to restore with high value timber and this should be economically viable for future harvesting with a short cutting circle. Species recommended are fast growing pioneer species, such as laran, binuang ,magas, talisai and other.

Planting and maintenance program are done by contractor which appointed by Yayasan Sabah and WWF Malaysia, except for Sime Darby funding area is done by SFD staff.

Poorly stocked areas for rehabilitation and/or enrichment planting are selected by diagnostic ground surveys supported by aerial photo. Planting line or clusters spaced at 12.5 m are marked in the field with a planting density of approximately 240 plants/ha.

Rehabilitation in 2016

Total area was planted in 2016 is about 1,059.62 ha or 114% surpasses target as planned in the Annual Work Plan (AWP) about 933 ha. The planting achievement is shown the following table:

Actual achievement of forest restoration work in 2016
No. Compt.
Zone Funded By Contractor
1. 103 100 172.39 Conservation Yayasan Sabah Pemborong Alam Hijau
2. 104 0 69.11 Conservation Yayasan Sabah Kontraktor Malaysia
3. 106 0 213.57 Conservation Yayasan Sabah Yayasan Sabah & Pemborong Alam Hijau
4. 108 100 173.26 Conservation Yayasan Sabah Yayasan Sabah & Kontraktor Malaysia
5. 117 535 362.79 Conservation Sime Darby Syt Jaya Suria & Syt Segama Frontier
6. 118 198 68.50 Conservation Sime Darby Syt Jaya Suria & Syt Segama Frontier
TOTAL : 933 1,059.62 (114%)  
Map showing compartments for forest restoration in 2016

While for maintenance of planted tree, about 11,399.48 ha or 373% was achieved and surpassing the AWP target about 3,053 ha. The achievement of maintenance activity is shown in the following table:

Actual achievement of maintenance work in Bukit Piton 2016
No Compt.
Target Area
Contractor Funded By
1. 103 150 1,454.16 Pemborong Alam Hijau Yayasan Sabah
2. 104 415 828.74 Kontraktor Malaysia Yayasan Sabah
3. 105 100 147.15 Kontraktor Malaysia Yayasan Sabah
4. 107   416.65 Kontraktor Malaysia Yayasan Sabah
5. 106 140 263.99 Yayasan Sabah & Pemborong Alam Hijau Yayasan Sabah
6. 108 100 831.66 Yayasan Sabah & Kontraktor Malaysia Yayasan Sabah
7. 110 100 - Segama Forest Heritage, Kontraktor Malaysia, Impian Jaya, Juta Jaya WWF
8. 112 553 1,930.31 Juta Jaya, Jaya Suria

Yayasan Sime Darby

9. 113 225 895.88 Juta Jaya, Segama Frontier, Sinar Wawasan Yayasan Sime Darby
10. 116   815.38 Segama Frontier, Jaya Suria Yayasan Sime Darby
11. 117 728 2,060.54 Segama Frontier, Jaya Suria Yayasan Sime Darby
12. 118 542 1,655.02 Segama Frontier, Jaya Suria Yayasan Sime Darby
TOTAL : 3,053 11,399.48 (373%)  

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