Forest ReserveClassesDescriptions

Forest Reserves

The extent of gazetted Forest Reserve is maintained at 3,574,468 hectares which constitutes about 48.6% of Sabah’s  total landmass. In 2021, no new forest reserve has been gazetted, excised or reclassified. There are a total of 333 gazetted forest reserves in Sabah that are classified under seven (7) functional classes.
Class 1 - Protection Forest Reserve (1,421,717 Ha)
Forest conserved for the protection of forests, watershed areas, soil & other essential climatic & environmental factors. Timber harvesting is not permitted in this forest reserve.

Class 2 - Commercial Forest Reserve (1,655,483 Ha)
Forest allocated for harvesting to supply timber & other forest produced to contribute to the state's economy. Harvesting is carried out according to Sustainable Forest Management principles.

Class 3 - Domestic Forest Reserve (4,634 Ha)
Forest products from this forest reserve is only for comsumption of local communities & the commercial use is discouraged. Fruits, rattan, medical plants, damar, etc, are allowed to be harvested with permission from the department.

Class 4 - Amenity Forest Reserve (11,403 Ha)
This forest reserve is for providing amenities for recreation activities to local inhabitants. Facilities such as forest trails, roadside rest-stops, viewing platforms, etc., may provided at attractive sites. Exotic tree species may be planted to enhance the value of the forest

Class 5 - Mangrove Forest Reserve (234,680 Ha)
This reserve is supplying of mangrove timber & other mangrove produce to meet the general demand of trade. The most common uses are for fishing stakes, firewood & for making charcoal. The reserve can also be used for recreation & tourism.

Class 6 - Virgin Forest Reserve (107,048 Ha)
This fr is conserved strictly for forestry research purposes such as ecological baseline research, biodiversity & genetic conservation. Timber harvesting is not permitted in this reserve

Class 7 - Wildlife Forest Reserve (139,503 Ha)
This forest reserve is mainly for wildlife protection, conservation & research. This is espiacially important to conserve large mammals & birds
Totally Protected Area
In Sabah, Totally Protected Areas (TPA) comprise forest reserves gazetted under the Forest Enactment 1968 primarily for conservation, such as Class I, Class VI and Class VII, and also forested areas under the enactment of Sabah Parks and Sabah Wildlife Department. The size of Sabah’s TPAs stood at approximately 1,942,397 Ha or 26.4 % of Sabah’s total landmass. The Sabah Forestry Department manages about 26% of Sabah’s total TPAs areas.

Class I (Protection) - 1,421,717 Ha
Class IV (Virgin Jungle Reserve - 107,048 Ha
Class VII (Wildlife Reserve) - 139,503 Ha
Sabah Parks - 245,172 Ha
Wildlife Sanctuary - 26,103 Ha
Wildlife Conservation Area - 2,854 Ha

Forest Cover

The total forested area in Sabah is approximately 4,679,594 Ha which a total of 3,848,597 Ha within Forest Reserves & Other Forest Lands & the remaining 830,997 Ha located in Stateland & Alienated Land. 

Forest Reserve - 3,574,468 Ha
Sabah Parks - 245,172 Ha
Wildlife Sanctuary - 26,103 Ha
Wildlife Conservation Area - 2,854 Ha
Stateland, Sabah Softwood Sdn Bhd & SAFODA - 830,997 Ha