From the desk of Chief Conservator of Forests

Salam Sabah Maju Jaya.

To avoid stirring up confusions among the public, allow me to share information regarding the Do and Don'ts within forest reserves, in accordance with the Forest Enactments 1968 and the Forest Rules 1969

Some of the things that are PROHIBITED are: entering forest reserve without permit, endangering forest reserves by fire, felling trees, farming, rearing of livestock, construction of building, collection and removal of forest produce (including ornamental and medicinal plants), poaching, littering and destroying / removing any fence or notice board that indicates the forest reserves' boundaries. 

However, under certain circumstances and if there is a necessity entering (crossing) right of way over forest reserves is allowable, provided that prior approval from the Sabah Forestry Department is first attained. For this particular purpose, you mau contact the relevant District Forest Officer to acquire the entry approval. 

Thank You. 

Saya yang menjalankan amanah, 

Datuk Frederick Kugan
Chief Conservator of Forests