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Towards The Realization of Sustainable Forest Management

To effectively and efficiently plan and implement the management of the State's forest resources in accordance with the principles of sustainable forest management

  1. To ensure that the management and development of Sabah's forest reserves are in accordance with the principles of Sustainable Forest Management;
  2. To optimise the utilisation of forest resources in order to sustain socio-economic benefits to the State;
  3. To ensure that the development of forest industry corresponds with the long term productive capacity of the state's resources; 
  4. To ensure sufficient trained manpower and expertise to implement Sustainable Forest Management efficiently and professionally; 
  5. To intensify the R&D programmes and efforts toward the development and implementation of Sustainable Forest Management; 
  6. To conserve sufficient natural forest areas for the protection and maintenance of the environment, water resources, soils and biodiversity. 
  7. To promote the rehabilitation of natural forests and the establishment of forest plantations.
  8. To enhance enforcement strategies to safeguard the forest resources. 
  9. To increase public awareness on the importance of forests and Sustainable Forest Management. 
  10. To ensure that sufficient financial resources, technology, and logistical supports are available for the implementation of Sustainable Forest Management.