Twelve (12) Permanent Sampling Plot (PSP) within the NGR SFM Project was established in the year 2014. Re-measurement were conducted by FRC Sepilok once in three years with the purpose of identifying the growth level and the size of the tree within the PSP Plot. The link below shows the NGR SFM PSP Public Summary and PSP Plot re-measurement report.

  1. Public Summary: Permanent Sample Plot In NGR Forest Management Unit
  2. NGR PSP DATA 2018
  3. Report On Monitoring Of Forest Changes 2015-2018 In NGR Sustainable Forest Management Project Area
Maintainance of PSP Plot by NGR SFM Unit



Re-measurement and Maintenance of PSP Plots by NGR SFM Unit (7.5.2017) Re-measurement of PSP Plots and identifying tree species by FRC Sepilok (23.3.2018)