In the past, the State’s forests were managed purely for timber production. However, this has changed over time, particularly in 1989 when the Sabah Forestry Department (SFD) introduced Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) concept in Deramakot Forest Reserve (DFR).
Based on the success in DFR, the SFM concept was expanded to other forest reserves (FR) throughout Sabah in 1997 either to be managed by the Sustainable Forest Management License Agreement (SFMLA) Holders or directly managed by the SFD.

Northern Gunung Rara Sustainable Forest Management (NGR SFM) project has successfully certified under the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC-C122508)(SCS-FM/COC-005059) since 2015.

The certified area consists of Mount Magdalena Forest Reserve Class 1 (55,555 Ha), part of Gunung Rara Wildlife Corridor Class 1 (3,754.36 Ha) and part of Maliau Buffer Zone (Ext) Class 1 (1,637 Ha) both of these Forest Reserve are newly gazetted to Class 1 Forest Reserve formerly a part of the Gunung Rara Forest Reserve (Class 2) and also other (2) two small Virgin Jungle Reserve (VJR) (Class IV), that are Batu Timbang VJR (261 Ha) and Imbok VJR (127) with total of 61,334.36 Hectares.

Location of Northern Gunung Rara SFM Project

Location of Northern Gunung Rara SFM Project and adjacent Forest Reserves

Recently Gunung Rara FR (Class 2) are newly regazzetted to (Class 1) FR which is known as Northern Gunung Rara FR with a total of 8,443 Ha. This additional area are new included in the NGR-SFM project.

Map shows the New Northern Gunung Rara SFM Project Area

The new total area for NGR-SFM project is 69,777.36 Ha, in which the certified area total of 61,334.36 Ha are still remained the same.

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