As gazetted forest reserves, hunting is strictly prohibited in the Project Area. However, the threat of poaching of large and small fauna is still considered high in the NGR-SFM Project. SFD have to ensure that monitoring of entrance have to be monitored to prevent from poachers/hunters to enter the project area.

For the enhancement of protection of wildlife mitigation measure has been conducted as follow:


Dismantled access of poachers (2016)
Aerial Survey (Boundary of NGR SFM Project 2017)
Installation of signboard depicting the reserve on the boundary (2018)
Night patrolling to enforce illegal hunters (2016)
Patrolling and roadblock to inforce illegal hunters (Cooperation with SFD Task Force, MCEE Tawau 2018)  


Patrolling with Stakeholder (Serijaya Industri Sdn Bhd) in the year 2020