The Ulu Kalumpang-Wullersdorf (UKW) project area is huge and most of its boundaries are bordering with private lands such as smallholders schemes, and also big Oil Palm Plantations such as Sime Darby. UKW project’s area is very accessible with so many existing roads and also plantation roads. Therefore, signboards and gates are to be built at strategic locations and manned as a deterrent against illegal felling, illegal agriculture activities mainly oil palm planting, illegal hunting and also the prevention and control of forest fires during the drought season. Air surveillance will be carried out once a month/once in two months (based on the availability of the chartered Helicopter, SABAH AIR).

The boundary of Ulu Kalumpang and Mt. Wullersdorf Forest Reserves, particularly those bordering alienated lands, has been demarcated. Properly demarcated boundaries will facilitate enforcement work. A basic principle of SFM is clear and permanent definition of forest boundaries – irrespective of land ownership and tenure – linked to permanent markings, surveying and mapping of boundaries. It is unfortunate, however, that 15% of UKW lost its natural forest due to forest encroachments for illegal oil palms. The remaining area is still under natural forests.

One of the greatest challenges and achievements was to destroy almost 3,300 hectares of illegally planted oil palms within the reserve since 2008. Now the areas are being restored through planting phases and until year 2014, 1,466.80 hectares have been restored. Illegal felling has occurred over the years posing a threat to the project’s area. Ground patrol and air surveillance are the most important preventive actions taken to prevent further encroachments.


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Destroyed illegal oil palm
Cenderamata Landau, HS Ulu Kalumpang Mt. Sangster & Mt. Forbes, HS Kalumpang VJR107C Sg.Mantri, HS Ulu Kalumpang

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