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  • Exhibition of "Hutan Kita" starting from 24 August 2019 9am - 6pm at Menara Kuala Lumpur. Admission is FREE.

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  • SustainableSustainable Forest Management

    Sabah's forests are managed for a broad range of uses and to conserve economic, social, environmental and cultural values that ensures the forest resources will remain healthy in the future.

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  • DocumentsSabah Forestry Policy

    The Sabah Forestry Policy has been formulated to cater for the needs of all stakeholders in Sabah, and is in conformity with the practices of sustainable forest resource management and development.

    About Sabah Forestry Policy
  • ResearchResearch & Development

    Forestry research in Sabah dates back to 1842 when botanical collection was undertaken on Banggi Island, Kudat. Currently, there are 11 research programmes in FRC in support of SFM in Sabah.

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  • RecForest Recreation

    To face the challenges of sustainable forest management today, it is imperative for foresters to reach out, to educate and to create awareness about the importance of Sabah's forests.

    Forest Recreation Sites in Sabah
  • HelicopterReduced Impact Logging

    RIL is a collection of several harvesting techniques used to minimise damage to potential crop trees, regeneration and soil, to maintain the forest's production capacity and to protect the environment.

    About Reduced Impact Logging
  • IndustriesForest Industry

    Timber industry in Sabah was the main economic backbone to the socio-economic development of the State in the past and remained significant even at a much reduced log production level as being experienced of late.

    About Forest Industry
  • Sustainable Forest Management
  • Sabah Forestry Policy
  • Research & Development
  • Forest Recreation
  • Reduced Impact Logging
  • Forest Industry
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