The Project Implementation Committee placed great emphasize on the development of infrastructure in Sugut Conservation Area.

Office building, staff quarters, road network, jetties, look-out tower and other facilities have been constructed as part of the efforts to ensure the smooth implementation of all pre-planned activities.

Four wheel drive vehicles, motorcycles and boats were also been acquired for ground and sea surveillance activities.

De Petin Hut

Field outpost complex located in Compartment 2, Trusan Sugut Forest Reserve

Forest checking station, Compartment 2

Office and rest house, Compartment 2

Fire Tower at Puncak Fidelis, Compartment 5

Cabin at Timbang 1 Jetty

Fire and Recycle store

Staff quarters
Boat storage site, next to Timbang 1 Jetty
Jetty Timbang 1


Road Network

Fire Tower at Puncak Fidelis

Water Pump House

Water Supply System

There was a number of infrastructures development have been carried out and added into to be facilitate and utilize for Sugut SFM Project such as new office, trail wood based (Belian) to Gua Sam Mannan, upgrading Puncak Fidelis (hut and concrete signboard), upgrading landscape, upgrade helipad, Pondok Yefu Markus, Pondok De Petin, road maintenance and vice versa.

Upgrading rest house and basecamp landscapeUpgrading rest house and basecamp landscape

Electric supply to the cabinElectric supply to the cabin

Jetty X-FileJetty X-File

Upgrading Gua Sam Mannan area-Platform and concrete signboardUpgrading Gua Sam Mannan area-Platform and concrete signboard

Pondok Yefu MarkusPondok Yefu Markus

Pondok De PetinPondok De Petin

Upgrading Puncak Fidelis (Gazebo & concrete signboard)Upgrading Puncak Fidelis (Gazebo & concrete signboard)

Road maintenance (culvert installation)Road maintenance (culvert installation)