Based on the Principle No. 8 under the standard for assessing Forest Management, monitoring and assessment must be conducted to assess the condition of the forest, management activities and social and environment impacts. Trusan Sugut Forest Reserve has included the research and data collection needed to monitor the indicators as stated in the Criterion 8.2: The monitoring plans or SOPs were prepared so that they can be observed/ monitored by the field manager periodically. The monitoring data which are taken on a continuous basis are as follow:

1. Patrolling :

Protection and Enforcement Area
Wildlife monitoring as stated in Wildlife Management page

2. Permanent Sampling Plots

3. Public Summary Trusan Sugut Forest Dynamic 2014 to 2017

4. Rain Fall Report (2017)

5. Fire Danger Rating System and Meteorology

6. High Conservation Values (HCV) :
The monitoring being conducted for whole TSFR area which is known as HCV 1.1 Monitoring (Survey) Report. Throughout year 2016, there were no major issues such as encroachment, forest fire and illegal hunting that might contribute as major treats for HCV. Detail information of the HCV is available on the HCV page.

7. Water Quality (2018)

8. Annual HCV Monitoring Summary

9. FDRS & Meterology Data (2017)

10. Summary of Annual HCV Monitoring & Effectiveness Evaluation in SCA SFM Project (2017)

11. Annual Environmental Monitoring Programme (EMP) Report (2017)