Forest Restoration program in Sugut Conservation Area comprises activity of planting dipterocarp and local fruit seedlings in degraded, exposed or poor forest areas.

This activity is being carried out by contractors appointed by the government with active participation by the local communities living in the vicinity of the project area.

The aim of this activity is to restores and recovers degraded and disturbed forest land caused by past logging operation and other human disturbances.

Map showing planted area in Trusan Sugut Forest Reserve : -

Year 2015 (60 ha)

Year 2016 (50 ha)

Designated Area for Enrichment Planting in year 2017

          Compartment 5 and 9 (50 ha)

          Compartment 9 and 10 (50 ha)

          Compartment 2,3,4,5 (60 ha)

Planting signboard

VIP's planting site in Compartment 4

Site setting for line planting in Compartment 2

Site inspection on the mortality of planted seedlings
in Compartment 4

Pictures showing local fruit tree seedlings planted in Compartment 2, 3, 4 & 5 along the main road (Jalan Bosku)