Tending the forest in the form of climber cutting and liberation thinning is essential because the overall stocking of desirable commercial tree species is relatively low. Every effort is taken to enhance the growth and quality development of the younger regeneration of these species.

The infestation of climbing bamboo (Dinochloa spp.) and other vines are often severe in logged over forest. This poses a major problem for tree regeneration, because climbing plants compete with tree seedlings for light and nutrients. Increased intensity of light following forest disturbance normally promotes the proliferation and growth of climbing bamboo and vines.

Tending involves marking of potential crop trees and competing vegetation such as non-commercial trees and climbing bamboo, which are subsequently removed by girdling and cutting operations. Tending also allows selecting, among the regeneration, those trees which are preferred as crop trees. These two silviculture activities are simultaneously carried out six months after harvesting operation.

Silviculture in 2016

The target of silviculture treatment in 2016 was 1,770 ha consisting of (2) compartments (Cpt.107 and Cpt.110). However, both of these compartments were not treated due to insufficient fund from the Forestry Community Funds. The activity will be carried out in 2017 instead. In the fourth quarter, the Heart of Borneo initiative project under the 11th Malaysian Plan Federal Fund has funded about RM6,360,000.00 to implement silviculture treatment at Ulu Segama Forest Reserve (10,000 ha) and Northern Gunung Rara Forest Reserve (5,000 ha). The project was awarded to the appointed contractor Rakyat Berjaya Sdn. Bhd. on the 15 September 2016 with the duration of work to be completed within 24 months (expected completion date on the 15 September 2018). In 2016, the silviculture was kicked off and treated about 1,394 ha in Ulu Segama Forest Reserve (Cpt.226 and Cpt.178). Silviculture treatment achievement is shown the following table:

Silviculture treatment in 2016
No Compartments

Target Area

1. 107 775 0
2. 110 995 0
3. 178 0 467
4. 226 0 927
TOTAL : 1,770 1,394 (79%)

Silviculture treated area at Compartment 226, before and after treatment

Before treatment

After treatment


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