The traditional emphasis of forest management within Ulu Segama-Malua (USM) has focused on timber production. Even so, the land-use of the area has typically addressed at least four types of zoning. Apart from the main land use that being for (a) timber production (b) rehabilitation and (c) research, and more recently for (d) local recreation, for example in the Taliwas area. The Ulu Segama FR has also been the gateway to tourism activities in DVCA, although arguably apart from the road access it provides, timber harvesting has taken precedence over recreation and tourism interests in the area.

It is within the context of SFM, and the preparation of a FMP for USM, that alternative utilization of the area is being considered. Given the abundant land resources (2,380km2), forests, rivers and mountains within the area, there appear to be scope to consider alternatives such as, recreation or tourism and multiple-use zones within USM. In addition to this, the cyclical compartment-based system of harvesting, and the FMP process (being introduced within USM), provides the opportunity to develop recreation and tourism as a compatible resource uses within the area - in a systematic and organized manner.

The inclusion of forest recreation and tourism is considered to enhance and strengthen SFM. Forest recreation and tourism can help, (a) create greater public awareness and appreciation, (b) provide additional business opportunities (strengthening the local economy), (c) strengthen conservation efforts, and (d) enhance the revenue generation potential of the reserve. In other words, these activities help fulfil the overall objective of creating a multiple-use forest for economic, social and environmental purposes - the basic tenet of SFM.

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