The State Government recognizes the vital role of the forests in Ulu Segama-Malua (USM) in maintaining the ecosystems especially that they are increasingly important for fauna and flora conservation. Therefore, the following are the policy statements on significant issues impacting the direction of forest management in USM:

  1. Certification – The USM SFM Project will be managed under the forest management practices in accordance to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Principles & Criteria;
  2. Fauna Resources - The SFD and YS will ensure that the conservation of the diversity of wildlife particularly for orang-utans, elephants, Sumatran Rhinos and Tembadaus and the provision of suitable habitats for them and others in USM will be undertaken and managed;
  3. Flora Resources - USM serves as an example in promoting the conservation and restoration of native wild flora and therefore, the SFD and YS will continue to manage USM in order to provide habitats that support the diversity of native plant communities and species;
  4. Silviculture - The management of USM will demonstrate and promote forest rehabilitation and silvicultural practices that jointly sustain ecological functions;
  5. Research - The SFD, YS and other research institutions will continue to be involved in research programs directed toward improving ecosystem management and SFM in USM;
  6. Protection – To protect USM SFM project area from fire, illegal felling, encroachment and poaching, and safeguard the forest resources under responsible management; and
  7. Local Employment - The SFD will endeavour to provide job opportunities in particularly to the local communities living adjacent to USM SFM project area.

Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption Policy
All staff under the supervision of the USM SFM Project must:

  1. Provide full commitment to refrain from soliciting, soliciting and giving bribes in the form of money or any other form of corruption from any individual / party dealing with the Department;
  2. Comply with the laws, regulations, procedures and policies of the country related to the prevention of corruption and abuse of power;
  3. Prevent and reject any form of corruption and abuse of power, and fully cooperate with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission in the prevention of corruption and abuse of power; and
  4. Do not engage in any form of corruption and abuse of power either directly or indirectly.

- SOP - Anti-Curroption


Sexual Harassment Policy

It is the policy of the management of USM SFM Project to adhere to the policy of sexual harassment to ensure the safety and security of every employee, customer and public engaged in forest management activities.

Sexual harassment is one of the prohibited acts in accordance with regulation 209 of the Sabah State Public Service Regulations 2008 and the Code of Ethics.

Sexual harassment is defined as any unwanted sexual behavior or behavior, whether oral, gesture (non-verbal), visual, psychological or physical, including any material sent via electronic media featuring elements of sex or pornographic images. Sexual harassment can happen to anyone of any gender or gender.

Sexual harassment covers a variety of sexual behaviors as follows:

  1. Oral interruptions - comments, jokes, jokes, sounds and questions that are sexually suggestive or suggestive;
  2. Signal (non-verbal) interruptions - depictions of sexual desire such as moaning, teasing, staring, begging or using another Sign Language;
  3. Visual disturbance - sending notes, letters, electronic mail (E-mail), short messaging system (SMS), multimedia messaging system (MMS), pictures (photos), posters, sexually explicit material or reading material distributed via electronic media, blogs, vlogs, or medial social platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram etc. apps and exposes confidential body parts that should not be disclosed;
  4. Psychological disorders - acts of sexual harassment, incitement, urge, intimidation or persistent persuasion; and
  5. Physical disruption - a form of physical contact such as reaching out to others within proximity so that the person feels uncomfortable, holding, hugging, patting, rubbing, pinching, kissing, licking or groping until the person feels offended, humiliated or threatened.

Management of the FMU will endeavor to comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to the conduct of sexual harassment and to be prepared to take the necessary steps to address the occurrence of sexual harassment.

- SOP - Sexual Harrasment

Gender Equality Policy

It is the policy of USM SFM Project management to adhere to gender equality policies to prevent discrimination in employment practices, training opportunities, contract awarding and involvement in management activities.

Gender equality is defined as women and men have conditions of equality that fulfill the right to contribute or benefit through economic, social, cultural and political development.

USM SFM Project management should have:
i. Equality for men / women employees / employees in certain occupations and is involved in the management of SFM PROJECT management activities;

ii. Equality for men and women staff / workers attending the training conducted or will be conducted; and

iii. Equity for male and female bidders to follow quotations / tenders for projects offered by the Department.