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The protection activities were implemented to prevent, monitor and control the encroachment within to the project area (illegal felling, illegal cultivation, occupation, forest fire and poaching) by intensive ground, river patrolling, and aerial surveillance (Table 2).

In 2020, illegal tree felling was recorded and destroyed within compartment 123, Ulu Segama FR. Anti-Poaching Task Force (i.e. SFD-USM & SFD Protect, PDRM, Yayasan Sabah, Sabah Wildlife Department, WWF-Malaysia and DaMaI) were constantly executed to combat poaching activities. SFD through USM District also identified and dismantled one (1) possible entry point that are believed used by poachers to enter at the southern part of Ulu Segama Forest Reserve (compartments 271). The dismantling works commenced with great cooperation by the neighbouring oil palm plantation. For night patrolling activities, 238 efforts were carried out throughout the year. The detection of poaching activities was decreased with only two (2) incidents, whereby both incidents were recorded at Lower Kawag main road (Figure 1). Graph in Figure 2 shows that an increase of patrolling frequency by 138 activities and reduce the number of poaching incidents by 7 cases compared to 2019.

Special operation (Operasi Bersepadu Khazanah) being implemented on 24th to 27th January 2020 in USM SFM project area, purposely to prevent forest reserve from any illegal activities. The operation was jointly by SFD, SWD, PDRM-PGA Batalion 17 Tiger Platun and WWF Malaysia. At least 122 participants involved during the operation which 79 percent or 96 members from Tiger Platun (PGA, Batalion 17). More than five (5) police reports have been made during the operation and seizure one (1) vehicle (reg. no. SD2229J) with two (2) carcasses of Sambar deer, two (2) carcasses of Mouse deer and others related equipment's. The investigation undertaken by PDRM and SWD (ongoing, postponed due MCO).

Protection Activities


Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
River Patrolling (focus at Segama & Malua River) 7 4 2 2 2 2 5 6 7 12 8 8
Aerial Surveillance - - - - - 1 - - - - - 1
Night Patrolling 6 - 13 29 30 30 31 22 21 18 20 18




Joint night surveillance at FCS 225 with SFD Protect, WWF-Malaysia and DaMaI

Ground Boundary surveillance by Protection Unit, SFD Protect and WWF-Malaysia


OPS Khazanah, Lahad Datu (PDRM, WWF-Malaysia)


Dismantled entries point at Compartment 271 and destroying converted logs at Compartment


(Left) participants during Aerial surveillance USM SFM Project Area; and
(Right) possible entry point spotted during aerial surveillance in December 2020



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