Sugut Conservation Area have many potential eco tourism products that can be promoted to attract visitors.

The Sam Mannan cave, ancient burial site, natural trails, unique vegetations, freshwater fishing activity, night safari and a variety of wildlife are some of the many attraction that can be developed as tourism products.

Student camping
Study tour at Sam Mannan's Cave
Wildlife Monitoring Tower


Sam Mannan Cave

Aerial photo of mangrove forest, Compartment 14

Scenic view of beach forest, Compartment 15

Entrance to Sam Mannan Cave

Sam Mannan Cave

Mangrove Forest in Sugut

Mangrove Forest in Sugut

Natural Trail

Puncak Fidelis

1.1 HCV 6
There was a number of patrolling have been conducted to curb any forest encroachment within the HCV 6 area, namely Bukit Kumbawan, Malawaring and Sg. Sugut Parai (Tagal System Implemented). Management activities are maintained continuously by considering any public reports or complain regarding the mentioned area.

Malawaring is a cluster of Malawaring trees (Arenga palm spp.) thought to represent human beings who were cursed. According to the villagers, it is forbidden to get near the latter two sites. Kg. Terusan Sugut also has a rich and old history dating back to 200 years ago where it was one of the major trade centres for forest products in this region (Corpuz, 2015) Bukit Kumbawon is thought to be of a mythical village that disappeared into the ground (Corpuz, 2015)

The headwaters of Sugut Parai River originate from TSFR and this river has been recently established as a traditional protection system or tagal by the local communities to conserve fish stock. The formal agreement had been developed and established between the Beluran District Forestry Office and the Committee of Tagal Ikan Kanai Sungai Perai Kg. Terusan Sugut, Beluran dated 12 July 2017. The agreement had been signed on the 12 July 2017 by both parties and acknowledged by the Second Class Magistrate Of Beluran, Mr. Abd. Rahman Talipudin.