Scientific surveys have been conducted by WWF Malaysia to identify the existence and distribution of wildlife in Sugut Conservation Area. These research activities were mostly carried out using camera traps which were installed at several strategic locations within the reserve. Scientific report has also been published as a record of the studies.

Wildlife species that are endangered or may become endangered, with a distinct importance from the genetic, ecological, ecosystems, scientific and health-related, economic and other aspects, are protected as either ‘strictly protected wild species’ or ‘protected wild species’.

Orang Utan, Banteng, Sambar Deer, Rhinoceros Hornbill, Bearded Pig and a wide variety of birds and fish species have been identified to be exist in the reserve. The department applies a systematic monitoring and data recording technique to ensure all relevant information are collected and properly stored.

The information of wildlife monitoring in SCA SFM Project is as follow:

Analysed Wildlife Monitoring Data


Wildlife Sight Seeing Activity


Wildlife Pictures Collection




Ncyticebus coucang

Narsalis larvatus

Sus barbatus

Images of wildlife captured using camera traps

Helarctos malayanus

Cervus unicolor

Pongo pygmaeus

Lophura ignita

Bos javanicus

Muntiacus atherodes
Rusa unicolor Banteng
Bearded Pig Long-tailed Macaque
Bearded Pig Long-tail Macaque
Orang Utan Pig-tailed Macaque
Orang Utan Pig-tailed Macaque
Samba Deer  
Samba Deer