Sugut Conservation Area Project Implementation Committee realizes the importance to involve the local communities and other interest parties in the implementation of the project.

A Community Consultation Meeting was organized in 2014 and resulted in the forming of the Community Committee. This committee comprises all representatives from Kg. Terusan Sugut, Kg. Kanoigan, Kg. Keliaga & Kg. Buring adjacent to Sugut Conservation Area.

The purpose of this committee is to discuss and find ways to resolve all issues which touches the interest of the local communities as well as the reserve itself. Another benefit is the creation of job opportunities for local youth to get involves in forest restoration and silviculture treatment activities in the project area.

KK Ayunok bin Daud
Deputy Chairman
Jamal bin Antau
Sh Mohd bin Sh Kassim
Committee Members
All representative from 4 villages


Communities Activities & Engagement in 2017

Community Committee Members of SCA SFM Project 2018

Chairman : Ayonuk Bin Daud

The resolution of the consultation meeting – See Annex 1.

By forming this committee, the relationship among all participants with the Sabah Forestry Department has improve and therefore helps in the process of developing and conserving the area.

Site visit by the community committee involving (4) villages adjacent to the Trusan Sugut Forest
Reserve on April 2016

1st Community Committee Meeting on 14 April 2016 with the department to discuss on any issues
related to the Sugut Conservation Area

Briefing by the department on the FSC Principles and Criteria held at IPS, Telupid

Apart of that, (9) persons from these villages were appointed as the Honorary Forest Rangers in July 2016, under the Forest Enactment 1968, Section 3A.