In year 2018 until 2021, there are several infrastructures development update that have been constructed for employees and visitors. such as Menara Pilis and its Gazebo, Surau, Helipad, Canteen, Camping Ground, public toilet, wildlife obervation tower, nursery and many more. These infrastructure developments will be increased in future for the convienience of employees and visitors.


Helipad at Compartment 3
New Office at Compartment 2
Surau at Compartment 2
Canteen with kitchen at Compartment 2
Fully AC dorms for visitors
New Outpost complex at Compartment 2


Genset House
Schedule Waste House
Fire Extinguish House
Clean Water Storage Tank


Pilis Tower and its Gazebo at Compartment
Pictural place near Sam Mannan's Cave