Stakeholders engagement are important in helping the department to ensure the management of the forest fulfilled its mission, objectives, develop strategies and vice versa. The Sabah Forestry Department as practice with the SFM planning have always adopted an open policies on stakeholder idea engagement  and have continuously maintain good bilateral relationship with all relevant stakeholders.

List of Stakeholder

Stakeholder Committee of SCA SFM Project

Tagal System Sg.Parai, Kg. Terusan Sugut Committee

Resolution of the stakeholder meeting

Resolution of the communities meeting

Grievance Procedure

A Stakeholder Consultation Meeting was organized in 2014 and resulted in the forming of the Stakeholder and Community Committee.
This committee comprises all representative from plantation estates adjacent to Lower Sugut Forest Reserve.

1st Stakeholder Committee Meeting held on March 2016,
Sugut Forest Checking Station

Site visit by the stakeholder committee members to
Trusan Sugut Forest Reserve.
Photo taken from the multipurpose tower, Puncak Fidelis