Nuluhon Trusmadi & Sungai Kiluyu


Management Zone

Altogether seven (7) management zones had been identified in and outside of FMU 10 to cater for the different usage and conservation management prescriptions. The Management Zones identified (Figure 7) in FMU 10 are as follows:

Zone 1Conservation Area covering all intact Hill Mixed Dipterocarp Forest (HMDF) and Lower Montane Forest (LMF) vegetations with an approximate area of 42,000 ha.
Zone 2
Aquatic Protection Area that include all water bodies (rivers and streams) and their buffer zones. This zone may cover an approximate area of 4,000 ha.
Zone 3
Forest Rehabilitation Area covering an approximate area of 22,000 ha of largely burnt and encroached areas.
Zone 4
Controlled Hunting Area that extends over some 6,000 ha in the Ulu Monsok and Ulu Rompon area.
Zone 5
Eco tourism Area covering the climbing trails that extends not more than 4.9 km of climbing distance to the peak of Mount Trus Madi. It may cover an estimated area of 1,000 ha.
Zone 6
Adventure Tourism Area operated by Borneo Jungle Area under an Occupational Permit (OP) covering an area of less than 10.63 ha.
Zone 7
Community Woodlots Area on a state land area on the north west outside FMU 10 that may extends not more than 4,000 ha to be managed under a local Committee comprising of the DFO Tambunan, DO Tambunan and Ketua Daerah Tambunan. However, this area is still being applied and approval depend on the Land and Survey Department.