Nuluhon Trusmadi & Sungai Kiluyu




Threats to the conservation targetsDescriptions of target and rationales for selection


Since 2009, only one (1) incidence of fire was encountered. The damage was estimated to cover some 20 ha of secondary vegetation. Awareness campaign done so far has proven to be effective to control this threat, but SFD need to continue surveillance efforts to ensure this devastating threat does not occur at all times.



Earlier Social Baseline Surveys (SBS) done in 2009 indicated small acreage of encroachment. However, the Boundary Demarcation activities at the Sinua – Sook portion, indicated a potentially larger encroachment. Preliminary Data from the SBS done in 2012 indicated some 10 kampungs may be potentially involved. Further ground inventory and analysis is required by SBS Team from HQ to confirm the next course of action to be recommended to the Director of Forestry.


Illegal Poaching of Flora and FaunaSince 2009, only one (1) incidence of illegal poaching of fauna that has been apprehended at Apin-Apin, Keningau. The culprit was subsequently convicted in court. Surveillance and awareness campaign need to be continued to check on this threat.