Nuluhon Trusmadi & Sungai Kiluyu


Wayaan Kaingaran

Wayaan Kaingaran
This wayaan distance from the peak is 4.9 kilometers and requires estimatedly 1 to 2 days to reach the peak. Wayaan Kaingaran also provide the 3 kilometers of boardwalk from the starting point to enable climbers to climb easily and to experience the rich flora and fauna that can be found along this wayaan. Climbers can also choose to climb via the bird trails to enjoy the amazing view of various species of birds available along the wayaan in Nuluhon Trusmadi. Along the wayaan, climbers will passes thru few interesting key points and spot such as the Pagandadan Kitingan (Starting Point) and 'Walai Tingkoyodon'.


  • Mirad Irad Base Camp with electricity, toilet, small challet, assembly hall, camping ground and pantry.
  • 'Walai Tingkoyodon' Rest House (20 pax) with electricity, pantry, toilet and water supply
  • 2.2 KM boardwalk from the starting point