Nuluhon Trusmadi & Sungai Kiluyu


Conservation Awareness Programme

The Nuluhon Trusmadi Conservation Area (NTCA) is the home of Malaysia’s second highest mountain, Mt Trusmadi. It is made up of two forest reserves−the Nuluhon Trusmadi and the Sungai Kiluyu forest reserves, and are managed by the Sabah Forestry Department under Forest Management Unit 10 (FMU 10). Threats to the TCA include bush and forest fires, illegal tree felling, poaching and encroachment, and these were mostly attributed to the proclivity of local communities to indulge in such exploits. However, to attain the long-term goal of conserving the fragile montane forest ecosystem of the TCA, the management deemed it necessary to engage these communities to help conserve TCA together with the assistance of various government agencies. One of the main activities for getting local communities involved in the management of the TCA is through awareness programmes for the various age-levels and target groups of the communities.

Why conduct Awareness Programmes for local communities?
  1. To get them realise that they are living close to very unique and ecologically outstanding forest types.
  2. To create amongst them a sense of common ownership and guardianship towards NTCA.
  3. To produce a close rapport between communities and government agencies involved in the management of NTCA, especially the Sabah Forestry Department.
  4. To present a friendlier and more approachable image of the Sabah Forestry Department and its staff.